Evolution Evolution



Laenge: 6'6" - 7'4"

Breite: 19" - 23"

Dicke: 2 1/4" - 3 1/4"

Fin setup: Thruster
Tail Shapes: Roundedpintail | Squashtail | Squaretail

ab 499,- €


Unser Shaper über das Surfboard:

"This board has a slighly wider nose and is fuller in general in the template can have concave or vee bottoms in it depend on what the customers needs are. This is a good surfboard for some one who is looking to buy there first custom board just out from a surf school or it suits a good surfer who wants a easier time and ride."

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SEMISECO Surfboard Fire Ball

Fire Ball


Laenge: 6'4" - 7'10"

Breite: 20" - 23"

Dicke: 2 3/8" - 3"

Fin setup: Thruster
Tail Shapes: Swallowtail

ab 499,- €


Unser Shaper über das Surfboard:

"This is one of our most popular boards, it has a low entry rocker, a fuller template with a wider nose and a tripple wing in the tail. It is a great board for bigger guys and intermediates that still want to throw the board around and a great first custom board. Slightly thicker and longer and wider than a high performance board this design catches waves with ease and turns with speed and a tighter arc than the dimensions would suggest.


It's a board to make surfing easier for the internmediate surfer. This board will pretty much do whatever you want it to and go pretty much anywhere. If you have been struggling with your surfing, not getting a good wave count and finding a small thruster just too much hard work this will bring the fun back."


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Magic Carpet / Egg Magic Carpet / Egg

Magic Carpet


Laenge: 6'8" - 7'6"

Breite: 21" - 22 1/2"

Dicke: 2 1/2" - 3"

Fin setup: 2 + 1
Tail Shapes: Roundpintail | Diamondtail

ab 519,- €


Unser Shaper über das Surfboard:

"This board has a very full wide plan shape with a flatish rocker with 50/50 rails and a soft rolled vee bottom.

This is the performance board for the mal rider it has glide manouverability and great allround fun board suits a lot of surfing levells"


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Crunchie Crunchie

Crunchie & Crunchie Quad 

Laenge: 5'4" - 6'4"

Breite: 19 1/4" - 20 3/4"

Dicke: 2 1/4" - 2 3/4"

Fin setup: Thruster | Quad
Tail Shapes: Roundedpintail | Fishtail | Battail

ab 499,- €


Unser Shaper über das Surfboard:

"This is a great all round summer board.

Incredibly fast a loose this short board will go any where your imagination can think of. Easy wave catching combined with incredible manoevrability.

The Quad - fish tail version of the Crunchie has similar rocker and rails but with extra bite."


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