Fish Surfboards


Performance Fish


Laenge: 5'6" - 6'10"

Breite: 18" - 22"

Dicke: 2" - 2 3/4"

Fin setup: Thruster
Tail Shapes: Swallowtail

ab 499,- €


Unser Shaper über das Surfboard:

"A typical fish with a few twists make this board ideal for the smaller and slower summer waves or for surfers looking for something with greater wave catching ability and stability when up and riding. The board has soft entry rails becoming really hard through the tail. We normally shape this board with a concave bottom but you can also have vee if you prefer the easier rail to rail transition that this brings. It is a wider board so it plains very well, and combined with the wide tail helps get you into waves more easily and earlier.


This is a great allrounder I have riden this board lots a it is a great board for european summer waves. The larger plaining area and a very smooth ride make it heaps of fun and easy for novices and experts alike. It’s the board I take out when I just want to have some fun. Personally i think everyone should have one in their quiver."



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Quad Surfboard

Fish - Quad


Laenge: 6'4" - 7'10"

Breite: 20" - 22"

Dicke: 2 3/8" - 3"

Fin setup: Quad
Tail Shapes: Battail

ab 519,- €


Unser Shaper über das Surfboard :

"This board is a mixture of modern design and retro philosophies… put it all together and it makes an animal of a board that puts the fun back into your surfing. Lower entry and tail rockers make for a fast board that catches waves well, whilst the concave bottom and tripple wings increase the acceleration and decrease turning arcs. It all adds up to a fast loose fun board that is great to ride in a wide range of conditions.


This board will catch every wave you paddle for (well almost). It is loose and fast to ride. It is best suited for 4 to 5 foot waves but the more skilled will be able to make it turn on when its bigger too."


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Retro Fish Retro Fish

Retro Fish


Laenge: 5'4" - 6'4"

Breite: 20" - 22"

Dicke: 2 1/2" - 3"

Fin setup: Twinfin (Keelfins)
Tail Shapes: Fishtail

ab 519,- €

Unser Shaper über das Surfboard :

"This is my classic fish template, a wide tail curved swallow with keel fins, vee bottom, and old retro rails and foils. Or you can have it with concaves and modern rails and foils. Have it your way. Either way a fish is a fish, and ideal for smaller less powerful waves... a shortboard alternative to a longboard. 

This board gives you all the freedom you want on a wave with the classic glide of the era. A great fun board and easy to ride for most levels/abilities."


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